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High-resolution MRI demonstrates that more than 90% of small intracranial melanoma metastases develop in close relationship to the leptomeninges

Arian Lasocki, Chloe Khoo, Peter KH Lau, David L Kok, Grant A McArthur

Neuro-Oncology | OXFORD UNIV PRESS INC | Published : 2020


BACKGROUND: Despite classic teaching that intracranial metastases typically arise at the gray-white matter junction, small intracranial melanoma metastases (IMM) are frequently observed at the interface between the cortex and leptomeninges (ie, "corticomeningeal interface"), suggesting possible leptomeningeal origin. METHODS: MRI brain examinations of melanoma patients treated at a specialist oncology center from July 2015 to June 2017 were retrospectively reviewed. The MRI examination on which IMM were first visible was identified, utilizing 1 mm volumetric postcontrast imaging prior to local therapy. Individual metastases (up to 10 per patient) were assessed for the presence of leptomening..

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