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Loving the mess: navigating diversity and conflict in social values for sustainability

Jasper O Kenter, Christopher M Raymond, Carena J van Riper, Elaine Azzopardi, Michelle R Brear, Fulvia Calcagni, Ian Christie, Michael Christie, Anne Fordham, Rachelle K Gould, Christopher D Ives, Adam P Hejnowicz, Richard Gunton, Andra-Ioana Horcea-Milcu, Dave Kendal, Jakub Kronenberg, Julian R Massenberg, Seb O'Connor, Neil Ravenscroft, Andrea Rawluk Show all



This paper concludes a special feature of Sustainability Science that explores a broad range of social value theoretical traditions, such as religious studies, social psychology, indigenous knowledge, economics, sociology, and philosophy. We introduce a novel transdisciplinary conceptual framework that revolves around concepts of ‘lenses’ and ‘tensions’ to help navigate value diversity. First, we consider the notion of lenses: perspectives on value and valuation along diverse dimensions that describe what values focus on, how their sociality is envisioned, and what epistemic and procedural assumptions are made. We characterise fourteen of such dimensions. This provides a foundation for explo..

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