Journal article

Temporal complexity of fMRI is reproducible and correlates with higher order cognition

Amir Omidvarnia, Andrew Zalesky, Dimitri Van De Ville, Graeme Jackson, Mangor Pedersen

Published : 2019


Abstract In 2014, McDonough and Nashiro [1] derived multiscale entropy –a marker of signal complexity– from resting state functional MRI data (rsfMRI), and found that functional brain networks displayed unique multiscale entropy fingerprints. This is a finding with potential impact as an imaging-based marker of normal brain function, as well as pathological brain dysfunction. Nevertheless, a limitation of this study was that rsfMRI data from only 20 healthy individuals was used for analysis. To overcome this limitation, we aimed to replicate McDonough and Nashiro’s finding in a large cohort of healthy subjects. We used rsfMRI from the Human Connectome Project (HCP) comprising 936 gender-matc..

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