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'Rationality' in Collective Escape Behaviour: Identifying Reference Points of Measurement at Micro and Macro Levels

M Haghani, M Sarvi

Journal of Advanced Transportation | Hindawi Publishing Corp | Published : 2019


Background. Evacuation behaviour of human crowds is often characterised by the notion of 'irrational behaviour'. While the term has been frequently used in the literature, clear definitions and methods for measuring rationality do not exist. Objective. Here, we suggest that rationality, in this context, can alternatively and more effectively be formulated as a question of 'optimal behaviour'. Decision optimality can potentially be measured and quantified. The main challenges, however, include (i) distinctly identifying the level at which we measure optimality, and (ii) identifying proper reference points at each level. Methods. We differentiate between optimality at the individual (i.e., mic..

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