Journal article

Fashioning Protest: Suffrage as dressed performance in New Zealand and the United Kingdom

Harriette Richards

About Performance | Sydney University Press | Published : 2018


When I was nine years old I wrote my first long-form piece of research on the subject of Kate Wilson Sheppard: she who graces the bright blue New Zealand ten-dollar note; she who is revered as having won New Zealand women the right to vote in 1893; she who inspired me. I recall thinking the ten-dollar note was the prettiest, it was by far my favourite. There was something about Sheppard's serenity, her beautiful face gazing out from the flat note with a look of what I took to be knowing wisdom. There was something about Sheppard's hair, pinned back upon her head, and her high-necked white gown, with a cameo affixed to the base of her throat, that appeared to me to be the height of elegance a..

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