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Tactile-based blind grasping: Trajectory tracking and disturbance rejection for in-hand manipulation of unknown objects

W Shaw-Cortez, D Oetomo, C Manzie, P Choong

2019 American Control Conference (ACC) | IEEE | Published : 2019


Tactile-based blind grasping refers to a realistic grasping scenario where the robotic hand has no knowledge of the object, and only has access to on-board sensors. This scenario is representative of real-world applications (e.g prosthetics) where high resolution cameras and other external sensors are not available to the robotic hand as they would be in a structured, laboratory setting. At present, there is no manipulation control that can track a reference object trajectory in tactile-based blind grasping. In this paper, a robust trajectory tracking controller is proposed to enhance the manipulation capabilities of robotic hands in tactile-based blind grasping. The proposed control ensures..

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