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Interplay between Metabolites and the Epigenome in Regulating Embryonic and Adult Stem Cell Potency and Maintenance.

Alexandra Harvey, Giuseppina Caretti, Viviana Moresi, Alessandra Renzini, Sergio Adamo

Stem Cell Reports | Published : 2019


The environment surrounding stem cells has the ability to elicit profound, heritable epigenetic changes orchestrated by multiple epigenetic mechanisms, which can be modulated by the level of specific metabolites. In this review, we highlight the significance of metabolism in regulating stem cell homeostasis, cell state, and differentiation capacity, using metabolic regulation of embryonic and adult muscle stem cells as examples, and cast light on the interaction between cellular metabolism and epigenetics. These new regulatory networks, based on the dynamic interplay between metabolism and epigenetics in stem cell biology, are important, not only for understanding tissue homeostasis, but to ..

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