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Drosophila Models of Cell Polarity and Cell Competition in Tumourigenesis.

Natasha Fahey-Lozano, John E La Marca, Marta Portela, Helena E Richardson

Adv Exp Med Biol | Published : 2019


Cell competition is an important surveillance mechanism that measures relative fitness between cells in a tissue during development, homeostasis, and disease. Specifically, cells that are "less fit" (losers) are actively eliminated by relatively "more fit" (winners) neighbours, despite the less fit cells otherwise being able to survive in a genetically uniform tissue. Originally described in the epithelial tissues of Drosophila larval imaginal discs, cell competition has since been shown to occur in other epithelial and non-epithelial Drosophila tissues, as well as in mammalian model systems. Many genes and signalling pathways have been identified as playing conserved roles in the mechanisms..

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