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Contact Force Generated by Impact of Boulder on Concrete Barriers

ZZA Majeed, ACY Yong, JS Perera, NTK Lam, SJ Menegon, E Gad

ACMSM25 Proceedings of the 25th Australasian Conference on Mechanics of Structures and Materials | SpringerLink | Published : 2020


Landslides and rockfalls are major hazards in mountainous regions. The level of hazard tends to be on the rise amid climate change. Rockfall barriers are constructed as protective measures to protect lives and built infrastructure. Landslide hazard can be accentuated by the impact of boulders on protective installations such as reinforced concrete barriers. Impact action can be divided into localised and global actions. Localised actions are controlled by the amount of contact force generated by the impact. Contact force can be many times higher than quasi-static force which can cause permanent damage to the structure. A large scale experimental investigation was carried out on a reinforced ..

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