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Replication stress induces mitotic death through parallel pathways regulated by WAPL and telomere deprotection

V Pragathi Masamsetti, Ronnie Ren Jie Low, Ka Sin Mak, Aisling O'Connor, Chris D Riffkin, Noa Lamm, Laure Crabbe, Jan Karlseder, David CS Huang, Makoto T Hayashi, Anthony J Cesare

Nature Communications | NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP | Published : 2019

University of Melbourne Researchers


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Funding Acknowledgements

Scott Page and the CMRI ACRF Telomere Analysis Centre, supported by the Australian Cancer Research Foundation, are thanked for microscopy infrastructure. Leszek Lisowski is thanked for generating viral vectors at the Salk Institute's GT3 Core and CMRI's Vector and Genome Engineering Facility. The Salk Institute's Flow Cytometry Core is thanked for assistance with cell sorting. V.P.M. is supported by an Australian Post-Graduate Award from the University of Sydney. N.L. is supported by fellowships from the Hebrew University Smorgon Foundation and the Cancer Institute NSW. L.C. is supported by the ATIP starting grant from CNRS in the framework of Plan Cancer 20142019, the ANR Tremplin ERC (55911) and the European Research Council grant telo-HOOK/ERC (714653). J.K. is supported by The NIH (R01GM087476, R01CA174942), the Donald and Darlene Shiley Chair, the Highland Street Foundation, the Fritz B. Burns Foundation, the Emerald Foundation and the Glenn Center for Aging Research. Work in the laboratory of D. C. S. H is supported by fellowships and grants from the Australian NHMRC (1043149, 1016701, 1113133), Leukemia Lymphoma Society SCOR (11283-17), Independent Research Institutes Infrastructure Support Scheme grant (9000220) and a Victorian State Government Operational Infrastructure Support (OIS) grant. M. T. H. is supported by grants from the Senri Life Science Foundation, the Uehara Memorial Foundation, the Daiichi Sankyo Foundation of Life Science, the Nakajima Foundation, The Mochida Memorial Foundation Research Grant, Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists (A) (16H06176) and Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas (16H01406). A. J. C. is supported by grants from the Australian NHMRC (1106241, 1104461, 1162886), the Cancer Council NSW (RG 15-12), the Cancer Institute NSW (11/FRL/5-02), and philanthropy from Stanford Brown, Inc (Sydney, Australia) and the Goodridge Foundation.