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The Upper Gastrointestinal Cancer Registry (UGICR): a clinical quality registry to monitor and improve care in upper gastrointestinal cancers

Ashika D Maharaj, Jennifer F Holland, Ri O Scarborough, Sue M Evans, Liane J Ioannou, Wendy Brown, Daniel G Croagh, Charles HC Pilgrim, James G Kench, Lara R Lipton, Trevor Leong, John J McNeil, Mehrdad Nikfarjam, Ahmad Aly, Paul R Burton, Paul A Cashin, Julie Chu, Cuong P Duong, Peter Evans, David Goldstein Show all



PURPOSE: The Upper Gastrointestinal Cancer Registry (UGICR) was developed to monitor and improve the quality of care provided to patients with upper gastrointestinal cancers in Australia. PARTICIPANTS: It supports four cancer modules: pancreatic, oesophagogastric, biliary and primary liver cancer. The pancreatic cancer (PC) module was the first module to be implemented, with others being established in a staged approach. Individuals are recruited to the registry if they are aged 18 years or older, have received care for their cancer at a participating public/private hospital or private clinic in Australia and do not opt out of participation. FINDINGS TO DATE: The UGICR is governed by a multi..

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Awarded by Pancare Foundation

Awarded by Specialised Therapeutics Australia

Awarded by Servier Australia

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Awarded by Australian National Health and Medical Research Council

Awarded by Victorian Government

Funding Acknowledgements

The authors gratefully acknowledge the Victorian Government, Pancare Foundation, Specialised Therapeutics Australia, Servier Australia, Eli Lilly Australia, and the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council for the Pancreatic Cancer Registry for Quality Improvement grant (grant number APP1125395). The Victorian Government and Pancare Foundation were involved in the design of the study through steering committee representation.