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Comparison of CO(2) stunning with manual electrical stunning (50 Hz) of pigs on carcass and meat quality.

HA Channon, AM Payne, RD Warner

Meat science | Published : 2002


The effects of carbon dioxide stunning on carcass and pork quality attributes were compared with the effects of manual electrical stunning using either head-only or head-to-brisket electrodes. A total of 30 Large White×Landrace boars (homozygous dominant for the halothane gene) were randomly allocated immediately prior to slaughter to one of three stunning treatments: carbon dioxide (90% CO(2)), head only (HO; 1.3 A for 4 s at a frequency of 50 Hz) or head to brisket (HBR; 1.3 A for 4 s at a frequency of 50 Hz) electrical stunning. The pH of the M. longissimus thoracis (LT) muscle measured at two sites [between the fifth and sixth thoracic vertebrae (Site 1) and the last thoracic rib (Site 2..

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