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HIGD2A is required for assembly of the COX3 module of human mitochondrial complex IV

Daniella Hock, Boris Reljic, Ching-Seng Ang, Hayley Mountford, Alison Compton, Michael Ryan, David Thorburn, David Stroud

Published : 2019


Assembly factors play a critical role in the biogenesis of mitochondrial respiratory chain complexes I-IV where they assist in the membrane insertion of subunits, attachment of co-factors, and stabilization of assembly intermediates. The major fraction of complexes I, III and IV are present together in large molecular structures known as respiratory chain supercomplexes. A number of assembly factors have been proposed as required for supercomplex assembly, including the hypoxia inducible gene 1 domain family member HIGD2A. Using gene-edited human cell lines and extensive steady state, translation and affinity enrichment proteomics techniques we show that loss of HIGD2A leads to defects in th..

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