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Deep Brain Stimulation for Epilepsy: Biomarkers for Optimization

Katrina L Dell, Mark J Cook, Matias I Maturana

Current Treatment Options in Neurology | CURRENT MEDICINE GROUP | Published : 2019


PURPOSE OF REVIEW: Two large-scale controlled clinical trials have provided Class I evidence for the benefit of deep brain stimulation (DBS) as a therapy for refractory epilepsy. However, the efficacy has been variable, with some patients not achieving any improvement in their seizure control. This disparity could be the result of suboptimal stimulation parameters/electrodes or alternatively a difference in the type of seizures being treated. This review presents the most recent clinical results with a focus on two major targets for DBS, the anterior nucleus of the thalamus (ANT) and the hippocampus. We detail the etiologies where DBS might work best, and provide evidence for the use of reco..

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