Book Chapter

Becoming entangled in SoTL and research through supercomplexity: Looking back, forward, in, out . . . and shaking it about!

M Selkrig, RK Keamy

Emerging Methods and Paradigms in Scholarship and Education Research | IGI Global | Published : 2019


In this chapter, the authors map various lines of flight that have informed their growing awareness of supercomplexity as a paradigm appropriate for the current epoch. Rather than concentrating on being researchers, the authors focus on how they are always becoming researchers and scholars of teaching and learning, in between, like a rhizome. Illustrative accounts of the authors' research biographies are provided. They utilize a semi-fictional narrative, with images as a way to overlay fact-oriented research with fiction, in order to “play” with different ways of representing research and scholarship. In the final section of the chapter, a number of emergent concerns, challenges and possibil..

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