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Modeling Measurement as a Sequential Process: Autoregressive Confirmatory Factor Analysis (AR-CFA)

Ozlem Ozkok, Michael J Zyphur, Adam P Barsky, Max Theilacker, M Brent Donnellan, Frederick L Oswald

Frontiers in Psychology | Frontiers Media | Published : 2019


To model data from multi-item scales, many researchers default to a confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) approach that restricts cross-loadings and residual correlations to zero. This often leads to problems of measurement-model misfit while also ignoring theoretically relevant alternatives. Existing research mostly offers solutions by relaxing assumptions about cross-loadings and allowing residual correlations. However, such approaches are critiqued as being weak on theory and/or indicative of problematic measurement scales. We offer a theoretically-grounded alternative to modeling survey data called an autoregressive confirmatory factor analysis (AR-CFA), which is motivated by recognizing th..

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