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Architectural Statements and Technological Phrases: An inter-disciplinary investigation of performance and technology, and its influence on spatial design and occupancy

DJ Mc Meel, C Brown, A Longley

DRHA 2010: Sensual Technologies | Published : 2010


We perhaps most readily associate notions of architecture engaging the senses with grand architectural statements. The Gothic Cathedral, Renaissance Cupola or industrial envelope of St. Pancras Station are awe-inspiring. More recently the architect Peter Zumthor (2006) has brought the subject of architecture and the senses back to centre stage. However, he exposes architecture to sensory scrutiny at a very personal scale, where the feel of a door handle and the sound of a heavy door closing provoke a personal connection to space and place. Within the built environment, technology’s influence is most obviously conceived at this grand scale. Arguably, recent works by Gehry, Foster and Hadid ha..

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