Conference Proceedings

Circadian Circles

CM Brown, A Niemetz

Published : 2011


Circadian Circles is a performance lecture articulating and demonstrating the research process towards the interactive performance REVOLVE. Evoking the mytho-poetic body of a sleeper, I performed two extracts of this work for SEAM 2011 and co-presented the research imperatives together with Ann Niemetz. Following the 'auditory turn' of choreography, described by Forsyth scholar, Freya Vass-Rhee after the work of postphenomenologist, Don Ihde (Auditory Turn: William Forsythe’s Vocal Choreography Dance Chronicle, 33:388–413, 2010) the embodied research sought to explore the sonic potentials of dance as it engages with an interactive sound environment shaped by the data of a sleep scientist...

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