Book Chapter

Learning to Dance with Angelfish: Choreographic Encounters between Virtuality and Reality

CM Brown

Performance and technology: practices of virtual embodiment and interactivity | Palgrave MacMillan | Published : 2006


Through digitally extended performances bone memories mix with machine memories fusing the gravitational flows of the dancer in space-time with the place-unboundedness of digital forms. In learning to dance with data, spaces unfold, striating the present moment through multiple dimensions. In these matrixial spaces the stage metamorphoses from a physical location – grounded, fixed, actual – to a relational space – incorporating the ungrounded, the fluid and the virtual. Through discussion of the collaborative work of Carol Brown (choreographer) and architect of virtual environments (Mette Ramsgard Thomsen), The Changing Room, this chapter explores performance identities as de-territorialise..

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