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Migration et mémoire : les héritages incarnés de Gertrud Bodenwieser

CM Brown

Published : 2006


My earliest knowledge of dance as an art form was inscribed through a series of “quotes” from the past, for it was the Viennese Ausdruckstanz choreographer Gertrud Bodenwieser (1890-1959) whose words and ideas animated my dancing. I came to know Bodenwieser through the teachings of her former dancer Shona Dunlop-MacTavish, with whom I trained in New Zealand from 1972-85. When I moved to the UK in the late 1980s, curiosity and a hunger for the familiar led me to meet with other former Bodenwieser dancers residing there: the late Hilde Holger, Bettina Vernon, Evelyn Ippen, and Hilary Napier. All of these women, including Dunlop-MacTavish, received their primary dance training with Bodenwieser,..

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