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History as 'Making the Future Now' through Pacific Video and Performance Art: Inter-disciplinary collaborative performative installation

M Nepia, D Alcantara-Camacho, C Brown, M Davis, D Hannah, K Miller

Published : 2016


In addition to some of the timeless metaphors of water and navigation used to represent Oceanic connections, the poetics of light, movement, time, and space in video and performance art offer additional ways to illuminate shared sensory experiences and relationships between creative and scholarly projects within the region. While keeping in mind Linda Tuhiwai Smith’s suggestion that, in one sense, the future is the potential we hold now, and not some abstracted theoretical or even visionary picture of what the world may be in fifty or a hundred years time, artists and scholars in this panel respond to the Chamorro conference theme Mo'na: Our Pasts Before Us with a complementary spatio-tempor..

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