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REVOLVE a 45-­‐minute interactive performance event inspired by sleep science.

CM Brown, A Niemetz, M Medlin, R Scoones, P Gander

Published : 2012


What wakes you and what keeps you awake? REVOLVE unfolds through a solo performer’s real-­‐time interactions with a digitally mediated sound and light environment. Moving from dark to light, her gestures evoke the feelings of physical states from different phases of our sleep/wake cycle (wakefulness, deep sleep, REM). Wearable technologies create a palpable experience of space and time, augmenting this affect through dream texts spoken during performance, the performer’s body becomes extended into mytho-­‐poetic dimensions. REVOLVE is a unique performance event driven by a curiosity about the body, its rhythms and potential for change. REVOLVE entwines data drawn from the rhythms of the..

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