Book Chapter

Shouting Across the Centuries: Affective archives and the politics of transmission

CM Brown

Undisciplining Dance in Nine Movements and Eight Stumbles | Cambridge Scholars | Published : 2018


Shouting Across the Centuries is an insistent dialogue between the unfinished business of twentieth century European modernism and contemporary dance practices in New Zealand today. It is mediated by a host of bodies – living and deceased – and includes my own corporeal memories as well as those of my collaborator, the movement artist and researcher, Thomas Kampe (UK). History is undeniably something we carry with us, we wear it, and, we habitually reproduce it in our gestures. It is before us as much as behind us. But the vicissitudes of written histories impose regulatory fictions that also disappear bodies, in particular radical, experimental bodies that disrupt narratives of cultural coh..

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