Journal article

Use of Macroseismic Intensity Data to Validate a Regionally Adjustable Ground Motion Prediction Model

Yuxiang Tang, Nelson Lam, Hing-Ho Tsang, Elisa Lumantarna

Geosciences | MDPI AG | Published : 2019


In low-to-moderate seismicity (intraplate) regions where locally recorded strong motion data are too scare for conventional regression analysis, stochastic simulations based on seismological modelling have often been used to predict ground motions of future earthquakes. This modelling methodology has been practised in Central and Eastern North America (CENA) for decades. It is cautioned that ground motion prediction equations (GMPE) that have been developed for use in CENA might not always be suited for use in another intraplate region because of differences in the crustal structure. This paper introduces a regionally adjustable GMPE, known as the component attenuation model (CAM), by which ..

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