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Helminth-microbiota cross-talk - A journey through the vertebrate digestive system.

Alba Cortés, Laura Peachey, Riccardo Scotti, Timothy P Jenkins, Cinzia Cantacessi

Mol Biochem Parasitol | Published : 2019


The gastrointestinal (GI) tract of vertebrates is inhabited by a vast array of organisms, i.e., the microbiota and macrobiota. The former is composed largely of commensal microorganisms, which play vital roles in host nutrition and maintenance of energy balance, in addition to supporting the development and function of the vertebrate immune system. By contrast, the macrobiota includes parasitic helminths, which are mostly considered detrimental to host health via a range of pathogenic effects that depend on parasite size, location in the GI tract, burden of infection, metabolic activity, and interactions with the host immune system. Sharing the same environment within the vertebrate host, th..

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