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Non-ideal modelling of polymeric hollow-fibre membrane systems: Pre-combustion CO2 capture case study

E Soroodan Miandoab, SE Kentish, CA Scholes

Journal of Membrane Science | Elsevier BV | Published : 2020


Some membrane gas separation applications operate at high temperature and pressure. However, the majority of membrane gas separation models employ simplifying assumptions which are not realistic under these conditions. In this study, a rigorous model is developed for polymeric hollow-fibre membrane modules incorporating non-isothermal separation (the Joule-Thomson effect), real gas behavior and concentration polarization. The model also accounts for temperature-dependent permeability, friction-based pressure loss on both feed and permeate sides and variable physical and transport properties. The rigorous model is applied for pre-combustion CO2 capture, i.e. CO2/H2 separation, and compared wi..

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