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Identification of the optimal growth charts for use in a preterm population: An Australian state-wide retrospective cohort study

Natasha L Pritchard, Richard J Hiscock, Elizabeth Lockie, Michael Permezel, Monica FG McGauren, Amber L Kennedy, Brittany Green, Susan P Walker, Anthea C Lindquist

PLoS Medicine | PUBLIC LIBRARY SCIENCE | Published : 2019


BACKGROUND: Preterm infants are a group at high risk of having experienced placental insufficiency. It is unclear which growth charts perform best in identifying infants at increased risk of stillbirth and other adverse perinatal outcomes. We compared 2 birthweight charts (population centiles and INTERGROWTH-21st birthweight centiles) and 3 fetal growth charts (INTERGROWTH-21st fetal growth charts, World Health Organization fetal growth charts, and Gestation Related Optimal Weight [GROW] customised growth charts) to identify which chart performed best in identifying infants at increased risk of adverse perinatal outcome in a preterm population. METHODS AND FINDINGS: We conducted a retrospect..

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