Recorded or Rendered Work

Civil Society and Reconciliation: Rethinking History to Embrace Memory – Voices from Post-war Japan, Germany, and Italy

Claudia Astarita, Akihiro Ogawa, Hiroko Aihara

Walking Fish Productions | Published : 2019


Lasting reconciliation with former enemies after a war is a difficult and often distressful process. Peace is not a top-down practice and the entire civil society must be involved to make it successful. Official apologies have often been perceived as a symbolic yet effective tool to promote peace and reconciliation, and international regimes are often quoted as the optimal structure to consolidate stability. This documentary untangles the connections between formal apology, regime building and peace in post-war contexts, illustrating the critical role of media and civil society in influencing collective memory and fostering reconciliation. The case studies of Japan, Germany and Italy provide..

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