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Quality Matters: Biocuration Experts on the Impact of Duplication and Other Data Quality Issues in Biological Databases

Qingyu Chen, Ramona Britto, Ivan Erill, Constance J. Jeffery, Arthur Liberzon, Michele Magrane, Jun-ichi Onami, Marc Robinson-Rechavi, Jana Sponarova, Justin Zobel, Karin Verspoor

Published : 2019


The volume of biological database records is growing rapidly, populated by complex records drawn from heterogeneous sources. A specific challenge is duplication, that is, the presence of redundancy (records with high similarity) or inconsistency (dissimilar records that correspond to the same entity). The characteristics (which records are duplicates), impact (why duplicates are significant), and solutions (how to address duplication), are not well understood. Studies on the topic are neither recent nor comprehensive. In addition, other data quality issues, such as inconsistencies and inaccuracies, are also of concern in the context of biological databases. A primary focus of this paper is t..

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