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Silicon microspectrometer chip based on nanostructured fishnet photodetectors with tailored responsivities and machine learning

Jasper J Cadusch, Jiajun Meng, Benjamin Craig, Kenneth B Crozier

Optica | Optical Society of America | Published : 2019


The realization of on-chip microspectrometers would allow spectroscopy and colorimetry measurement systems to be readily incorporated into platforms for which size and weight are critical, such as consumer grade electronics, smartphones, and unmanned aerial vehicles. This would allow them to find use in diverse fields such as interior design, agriculture, and in machine vision applications. All spectrometers require a detector or detector array and optical elements for spectral discrimination. A single device that combines both detection and spectral discrimination functions therefore represents an ultimate limit of miniaturization. Motivated by this, we here experimentally demonstrate a nov..

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