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Negative psychological correlates of the pursuit of muscularity among women

Mitchell L Cunningham, Marianna Szabo, P Evelyna Kambanis, Stuart B Murray, Jennifer J Thomas, Kamryn T Eddy, Debra L Franko, Scott Griffiths

International Journal of Eating Disorders | WILEY | Published : 2019


OBJECTIVE: There is increasing public and scientific focus on women's pursuit of a muscular and toned appearance. However, the psychological correlates of women's drive for muscularity are currently unclear. Therefore, we examined the associations of drive for muscularity with four important negative psychological indices among women: eating disorder (ED) symptoms, and symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress. METHOD: A sample of 221 university women completed an online survey that included measures assessing the aforementioned constructs. RESULTS: Drive for muscularity evidenced positive associations with all negative psychological indices, except for anxiety. Muscularity-oriented attitu..

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