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The Market Development Project: A case of government failure

Garry Griffith, Hui-Shung Chang, Zenaida Mira

Australasian Agribusiness Perspectives | Melbourne School of Land and Environment | Published : 2012


The Market Development Project (MDP) was initiated by the Fresh Produce Development Company (FPDA) of Papua New Guinea (PNG) in 2006. The project involved FPDA acting as a wholesaler, buying fresh produce from farmers in the PNG Highlands and delivering it to upermarkets in Port Moresby and to a mining town, Tabubil, in the estern Province. In 2010 a review was undertaken to assess MDP‟s performance over the four years it had been in operation: what it had achieved and what it had not; how cost effective it was; whether and how it could have been done better; and whether a government agency should be involved in a seemingly private wholesaling business. The MDP was set up to link farmers ..

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