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Accounting for Externalities in Agriculture and Food Sector Value Chains and Systems: Chain Failure, Chain Goods and Chain Bads

Garry Griffith, E Fleming, S Mounter, Bill Malcolm

Final Report to Meat and Livestock Australia on Project B.COM.1086 | University of New England | Published : 2014


Agricultural and food networks have become increasingly private and powerful, closely coordinated or fully vertically integrated, self-regulated, global and experience-based. A new cohort of wealthier consumers is demanding new and different goods and services. Delivery of this consumer food experience requires a very well-coordinated value chain or value system. Coordination and cooperation among chain partners involved in these networks are mandatory if they are to be profitable and sustainable. The economic issue is: How should all the chain or system partners be aligned to deliver food experiences that maximise consumer willingness to pay, and also be efficient? And what if any is the ro..

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