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Benefit cost analysis of non-compliance within a Victorian pasture-fed beef supply chain

M Crawford, G Ferrier, Garry Griffith

Final Report to Meat and Livestock Australia on Project B.COM.0352, | Meat and Livestock Australia Limited | Published : 2014


Demand for pasture fed beef is increasing globally. However, due to the very nature of pasture growth and finishing pasture-fed beef, value chains are challenged to maintain continuity of supply and consistent quality of product year round. Pasture based systems are influenced extensively by weather conditions, pasture species, grazing management, genetics and livestock production systems. These issues along with market forces all impact on long term viability and profitability of producers in the supply chain. Few specific pasture based value chains have been analysed to determine the level of non-compliance, particularly within the more intensive grazing regions of southern Australia. This..

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