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The prognostic significance of attenuated psychotic symptoms in help-seeking youth

H Hazan, T Spelman, GP Amminger, I Hickie, PD McGorry, LJ Phillips, R Purcell, SJ Wood, AR Yung, B Nelson



BACKGROUND: Recent findings suggest that attenuated psychotic symptoms (APS) might serve as a risk factor for general mental health impairment in help-seeking youth. The current study was designed to test this possibility by examining the prognostic significance of APS in a large cohort of help-seeking youth not selected for psychosis risk. METHOD: 465 youth aged 12-25 referred to general youth mental health services were grouped as either APS + or APS- based on whether or not they met 'ultra high risk' for psychosis APS risk criteria as assessed using the Comprehensive Assessment of At Risk Mental States (CAARMS). They completed clinical assessments at baseline and at 12-month follow-up, me..

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