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Towards low-loss telecom-wavelength photonic devices by designing GaBixAs1-x/GaAs core-shell nanowires

Muhammad Usman

Nanoscale | ROYAL SOC CHEMISTRY | Published : 2019


Nanowires are versatile nanostructures, which allow an exquisite control over bandgap energies and charge carrier dynamics making them highly attractive as building blocks for a broad range of photonic devices. For optimal solutions concerning device performance and cost, a crucial element is the selection of a suitable material system which could enable a large wavelength tunability, strong light interaction and simple integration with the mainstream silicon technologies. The emerging GaBixAs1−x alloys offer such promising features and may lead to a new era of technologies. Here, we apply million-atom atomistic simulations to design GaBixAs1−x/GaAs core–shell nanowires suitable for low-loss..

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