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Differences in MSI phenotype between cancer types using a new PCR-based pan-cancer biomarker panel.

Jeff Bacher, Eshwar Udho, Doug Storts, Richard Halberg, Steven Gallinger, Mark A Jenkins, Noralane M Lindor

Journal of Clinical Oncology | AMER SOC CLINICAL ONCOLOGY | Published : 2019


e13145 Background: A multiplexed biomarker panel was developed for detection of MSI that is more sensitive than currently available systems. Preliminary data showed an increased MSI sensitivity for colon polyps, endometrial (EC) and skin cancers. This study expands that finding to 14 different types of cancer. Methods: Selection of the best microsatellite markers was done using a cohort of 160 patients ≤55 years with ≥1 colon polyp and 100 EC patients ≤ 50 years. To validate the new panel, a cohort of 100 Lynch syndrome CRC, 100 sporadic MSI-High CRC, 100 sporadic MSI stable CRC and 219 extra-colonic cancers from the Colon Cancer Family Registry were tested for MSI. Samples were screened us..

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