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The impact of dietary supplementation of different feed additives on performances of broiler breeders characterized by different egg-laying rate.

Shuju Zhao, Keying Zhang, Xuemei Ding, Pietro Celi, Lei Yan, Shiping Bai, Qiufeng Zeng, Xiangbing Mao, Shengyu Xu, Jianping Wang

Poultry Science | Published : 2019


This study was conducted to determine the impact of different feed additives on reproductive performance, egg quality, intestinal morphology, and blood metabolic profile of broiler breeder with different egg-laying rate. A total of 512 AA broiler breeders (48 wk old) were used in a 2 × 4 factorial design which encompassed 2 egg-laying rate levels [average (AR) and low (LR)] and 4 different dietary groups [control (no additive), 6 × 108 CFU/kg Enterococcus faecium (EF), 200 mg/kg apple pectic oligosaccharide (APO), and 1,000 mg/kg tributyrin (TRI)]. As expected, the LR breeders presented higher egg weight, eggshell thickness (P < 0.05), and feed conversion ratio as well as lower egg-laying an..

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