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Dissecting the Roles of Mitochondrial Complex I Intermediate Assembly (MCIA) Complex Factors in the Biogenesis of Complex I

Luke Formosa, Linden Muellner-Wong, Boris Reljic, Alice Sharpe, Traude Beilharz, Michael Lazarou, David Stroud, Michael Ryan

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory | Published : 2019


ABSTRACT Mitochondrial Complex I harbors 7 mitochondrial and 38 nuclear-encoded subunits. Its biogenesis requires the assembly and integration of distinct intermediate modules, mediated by numerous assembly factors. The Mitochondrial Complex I Intermediate Assembly (MCIA) complex, containing assembly factors NDUFAF1, ECSIT, ACAD9, and TMEM126B, is required for building the intermediate ND2-module. The role of the MCIA complex and the involvement of other proteins in the biogenesis of this module is unclear. Cell knockout studies reveal that while each MCIA component is critical for complex I assembly, a hierarchy of stability exists centred on ACAD9. We also identify TMEM186 and COA1 as bona..

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