Journal article

Drivers Display Anger-Congruent Attention to Potential Traffic Hazards

Amanda N Stephens, Steven L Trawley, Ruth Madigan, John A Groeger

Applied Cognitive Psychology | WILEY-BLACKWELL | Published : 2013


Previous research has suggested that angry drivers may respond differently to potential hazards. This study replicates and extends these findings. Under simulated driving conditions, two groups of drivers experienced conditions that would either increase angry mood (N=12; men=6) or not (control group, N=12; men=6). All drivers then performed a neutral drive, during which they encountered a number of traffic events not experienced in the initial drive. These included vehicles emerging from driveways into their path and jaywalking pedestrians. Subjective anger, eye-movement behaviour and driving behaviours (speed and reaction times) were measured as drivers drove. Subjective moods (Profile of ..

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