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Depositional setting for Eocene seat earths and related facies of the Gippsland Basin, Australia

Vera A Korasidis, Malcolm W Wallace, Julie A Dickinson, Nick Hoffman



The origin of seat earths (i.e. underclays, seat rocks, fire clays) has been investigated using sedimentological, palynological and mineralogical analysis of clastic-coal successions from the Eocene Traralgon Formation of the Gippsland Basin, Australia. The seat earths of the Latrobe Group are massive, a light grey to white colour, contain abundant slickensided fracture surfaces and isolated organic matter, and mineralogically consist of abundant kaolinite and lesser amounts of 2 M illite. From palynological evidence, the seat earths have paleoenvironments that grade from a fire-prone heath-fern meadow marsh (i.e. Gleicheniaceae and Epacridaceae dominant), to fire-tolerant shrubs and small t..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The authors wish to acknowledge financial assistance provided through Australian National Low Emissions Coal Research and Development (ANLEC R&D). ANLEC R&D is supported by COAL21 Ltd. and the Australian Government through the Clean Energy Initiative. We are also grateful to one anonymous reviewer for their constructive and helpful comments on the manuscript.