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Testing Consultation Recordings in a Clinical Setting With the SecondEars Smartphone App: Mixed Methods Implementation Study

Amelia Hyatt, Ruby Lipson-Smith, Bryce Morkunas, Meinir Krishnasamy, Michael Jefford, Kathryn Baxter, Karla Gough, Declan Murphy, Allison Drosdowsky, Jo Phipps-Nelson, Fiona White, Alan White, Lesley Serong, Geraldine McDonald, Donna Milne



BACKGROUND: Health care systems are increasingly looking to mobile device technologies (mobile health) to improve patient experience and health outcomes. SecondEars is a smartphone app designed to allow patients to audio-record medical consultations to improve recall, understanding, and health care self-management. Novel health interventions such as SecondEars often fail to be implemented post pilot-testing owing to inadequate user experience (UX) assessment, a key component of a comprehensive implementation strategy. OBJECTIVE: This study aimed to pilot the SecondEars app within an active clinical setting to identify factors necessary for optimal implementation. Objectives were to (1) inves..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The authors sincerely thank all the patients, their families, and health professionals for their time, effort, and thoughtfulness in testing and providing feedback about SecondEars. The authors thank the staff of Cancer Experiences Research, Peter Mac, and of Wave Digital for their support in facilitating this project. This study was supported by the Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation and Cancer Experiences Research, Peter Mac, and grants from the Victorian Managed Insurance Authority.