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Lucitanib for the Treatment of HR /HER2(-) Metastatic Breast Cancer: Results from the Multicohort Phase II FINESSE Study

Rina Hui, Alex Pearson, Javier Cortes, Christine Campbell, Camille Poirot, Hatem A Azim, Debora Fumagalli, Matteo Lambertini, Fergus Daly, Amal Arahmani, Jose Perez-Garcia, Philippe Aftimos, Philippe L Bedard, Laura Xuereb, Elsemieke D Scheepers, Malou Vicente, Theodora Goulioti, Sibylle Loibl, Sherene Loi, Marie-Jeanne Pierrat Show all

Clinical Cancer Research | AMER ASSOC CANCER RESEARCH | Published : 2020


PURPOSE: The FGFR1 gene is amplified in 14% of patients with HR + /HER2 - breast cancer. Efficacy and safety of lucitanib, an inhibitor of VEGFR1-3, FGFR1-3, and PDGFRα/β, were assessed. PATIENTS AND METHODS: Patients with HR + /HER2 - metastatic breast cancer (MBC) received oral lucitanib in three centrally confirmed cohorts: (i) FGFR1 amplified, (ii) FGFR1 nonamplified, 11q13 amplified, and (iii) FGFR1 and 11q13 nonamplified. Key inclusion criteria included Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group Performance Statu..

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Funding Acknowledgements

This study was sponsored and funded by Servier and was conducted in collaboration with the Breast International Group (BIG), Institut Jules Bordet, and Frontier Science Scotland. The authors would like to thank all the patients and their families, the investigators, and site personnel who participated in this study. Special thanks also go to Martine Piccart, Evandro De Azambuja, Sebastien Guillaume, Helene Ameels, Christie Freeman, Frederic Henot, Sabine Jonas, Ana Catarina Pinto, Anouk Allgeier, Laetitia Dumont, Isabelle Gingras, Celine Faccinetto, Elodie Culot, Veerle Vandooren, Catherine Ramael, Frederique Bossiroy, and Sara Bejarano of BrEAST-IJB; Matthew Beaney of Molecular Oncology Laboratory, Institute of Cancer Research; Marc Guitart, Sabine Corachan, Liesbet De Vos, Marie-Helene Deckx, Nawale Hajjaji, Kristel Engelen, and Koen De Backer of BIG; Stuart Malcolm, Ian Bradbury, Annike Sunde, Robin McConnell, Dom Agbor-Tarh, Emma Paterson, Andrew Bailey, and Andrew Holmes of Frontier Science; Valerie Agrapart, Frederic Dubois and Athanasios Pallis of Institut de Recherches Internationales Servier; Catherine de Montrion, Carole Chotard, Nolwen Guigal-Stephan, and Brian Lockhart of Institut de Recherches Servier for IHC analysis; and Norbert Drieschner and his team at ZytoVision for the FISH analysis.