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Structural and functional brain correlates of theory of mind impairment post-stroke

Juan FD Dominguez, Zoie Nott, Kristina Horne, Tarran Prangley, Alexandra G Adams, Julie D Henry, Pascal Molenberghs

Cortex | ELSEVIER MASSON, CORP OFF | Published : 2019


The ability to understand the mental states of others - also known as Theory of Mind (ToM) - is critical for normal social interactions. We combine behavioural probes with structural and functional brain imaging to provide the first comprehensive analysis of ToM deficits following stroke using the Reading the Mind in the Eyes Test (RMET). First, fMRI was used to identify the functional brain network involved in a non-clinical cohort. Results indicated that, relative to a control task, the RMET increased activity in a widespread functional bilateral network comprising frontal and temporo-parietal areas. To investigate how damage to grey and white matter components of this network can lead to ..

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Awarded by ARC

Awarded by Heart Foundation Future Leader Fellowship

Awarded by ARC Future Fellowship

Funding Acknowledgements

The work was supported by an ARC Discovery Grant (DP130100559), ARC Discovery Early Career Research Award (DE130100120) and Heart Foundation Future Leader Fellowship (1000458) awarded to P.M. J.D.H. was supported by an ARC Future Fellowship (FT170100096). The authors would like to thank all the patients and Dr Phil Aitken for providing access to the hospital stroke unit at the Princess Alexandra Hospital and Dr Andrew Wong for similar access at the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital.