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lyve1 expression reveals novel lymphatic vessels and new mechanisms for lymphatic vessel development in zebrafish

Kazuhide S Okuda, Jonathan W Astin, June P Misa, Maria V Flores, Kathryn E Crosier, Philip S Crosier

Development | COMPANY BIOLOGISTS LTD | Published : 2012


We have generated novel transgenic lines that brightly mark the lymphatic system of zebrafish using the lyve1 promoter. Facilitated by these new transgenic lines, we generated a map of zebrafish lymphatic development up to 15 days post-fertilisation and discovered three previously uncharacterised lymphatic vessel networks: the facial lymphatics, the lateral lymphatics and the intestinal lymphatics. We show that a facial lymphatic vessel, termed the lateral facial lymphatic, develops through a novel developmental mechanism, which initially involves vessel growth through a single vascular sprout followed by the recruitment of lymphangioblasts to the vascular tip. Unlike the lymphangioblasts th..

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Awarded by NIH-NCRR

Awarded by Ministry of Science and Innovation


Funding Acknowledgements

The kdrl:RFP, gata1:DsRed, kdrl:EGFP and the flt1:YFP transgenic lines were provided by Graham Lieschke, David Traver and the Zebrafish International Resource Center (ZIRC, supported by grant P40 RR012546 from the NIH-NCRR), respectively. The SAGFF27C; UAS:GFP transgenic line, the flt4 in situ probe, and the flt4 and ccbe1 morpholinos were kindly provided by Ben Hogan. We thank Alhad Mahagaonkar for managing the fish facility, Alisha Malik for technical support and the University of Auckland Biomedical Imaging Research Unit for imaging. We also thank Stefan Oehlers, Leslie Sanderson, Chris Hall and the rest of Crosier laboratory for comments on the manuscript.J.W.A., J.P.M. and M. V. F. were supported by the Ministry of Science and Innovation grant [UOAX0813] awarded to K. E. C and P. S. C. (New Zealand). K.S.O. was supported by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation scholarship (Malaysia).