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Changes in knee joint biomechanics following balance and technique training and a season of Australian football.

Cyril J Donnelly, Bruce C Elliott, Tim LA Doyle, Caroline F Finch, Alasdair R Dempsey, David G Lloyd

British Journal of Sports Medicine | Published : 2012


PURPOSE: Determine if balance and technique training (BTT) implemented adjunct to normal Australian football (AF) training reduces external knee loading during sidestepping. Additionally, the authors determined if an athlete's knee joint kinematics and kinetics change over a season of AF. METHODOLOGY: Eight amateur-level AF clubs (n=1,001 males) volunteered to participate in either 28 weeks of BTT or a 'sham' training (ST) adjunct to their normal preseason and regular training. A subset of 34 athletes (BTT, n=20; ST, n=14) were recruited for biomechanical testing in weeks 1-7 and 18-25 of the 28-week training intervention. During biomechanical testing, participants completed a series running..

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