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BMS-986205, an indoleamine 2, 3-dioxygenase 1 inhibitor (IDO1i), in combination with nivolumab (nivo): Updated safety across all tumor cohorts and efficacy in advanced bladder cancer (advBC).

Jason J Luke, Josep Tabernero, Anthony Joshua, Jayesh Desai, Andrea I Varga, Victor Moreno, Carlos A Gomez-Roca, Ben Markman, Filippo G De Braud, Sandip Pravin Patel, Matteo S Carlino, Lillian L Siu, Giuseppe Curigliano, Zhaohui Liu, Yuko Ishii, Megan Wind-Rotolo, Paul Andrew Basciano, Alex Azrilevich, Karen A Gelmon

Journal of Clinical Oncology | AMER SOC CLINICAL ONCOLOGY | Published : 2019


358 Background: Nivo (anti–PD-1) has shown durable responses and manageable safety (ORR, 19.6%; grade 3‒4 treatment-related AEs [TRAEs], 18%) in advBC (Sharma et al. Lancet Oncol 2017), but prolonging survival in more pts requires additional approaches to overcome tumor evasion mechanisms. IDO1 allows tumor escape through kynurenine (KYN) production, which stimulates regulatory T cells and suppresses effector T-cell proliferation. Anti─PD-1 can upregulate IDO1, supporting the rationale for combining nivo with an IDO1i. BMS-986205 is a selective, potent, once-daily (QD) oral IDO1i that works early in the IDO1 pathway to reduce KYN production. BMS-986205 + nivo showed favorable safety and eff..

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