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Close-range Feature-based Head Motion Tracking for MRI and PET-MRI

D Henry, R Fulton, J Maclaren, M Aksoy, R Bammer, A Kyme

2018 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference Proceedings (NSS/MIC) | Published : 2018


Optical motion tracking systems are effective in measuring head motion during MRI and PET scans. However, most systems rely on tracking attached markers which can slip or move relative to the head. In this study, we aimed to validate a methodology which uses a stereo-optical camera system to track small feature patches on the forehead. This approach has the advantage that tracked features 'native' to the skin can be tracked at very close range (<5cm), making it ideal for use inside an MR scanner bore. 15 volunteers were instructed to perform 6 degree of freedom head motions while simultaneously being tracked by two systems - our feature-based tracking system, and a ground-truth multi-view op..

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