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Global Review of the Age Distribution of Rotavirus Disease in Children Aged <5 Years Before the Introduction of Rotavirus Vaccination.

Mateusz Hasso-Agopsowicz, Chandresh Nanji Ladva, Benjamin Lopman, Colin Sanderson, Adam L Cohen, Jacqueline E Tate, Ximena Riveros, Ana Maria Henao-Restrepo, Andrew Clark, undefined Global Rotavirus Surveillance Network and Rotavirus Age Study Collaborators

Clin Infect Dis | Published : 2019


We sought datasets with granular age distributions of rotavirus-positive disease presentations among children <5 years of age, before the introduction of rotavirus vaccines. We identified 117 datasets and fit parametric age distributions to each country dataset and mortality stratum. We calculated the median age and the cumulative proportion of rotavirus gastroenteritis events expected to occur at ages between birth and 5.0 years. The median age of rotavirus-positive hospital admissions was 38 weeks (interquartile range [IQR], 25-58 weeks) in countries with very high child mortality and 65 weeks (IQR, 40-107 weeks) in countries with very low or low child mortality. In countries with very hig..

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