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Interventions for idiopathic toe walking.

Antoni J Caserta, Verity Pacey, Michael Fahey, Kelly Gray, Raoul Hh Engelbert, Cylie M Williams

Cochrane Database Syst Rev | Published : 2019


BACKGROUND: Idiopathic toe walking (ITW) is an exclusionary diagnosis given to healthy children who persist in walking on their toes after they should typically have achieved a heel-toe gait. The literature discusses conservative and surgical interventions using a variety of treatment modalities. Young children and children without a limitation in ankle dorsiflexion (the upwards movement of the foot towards the shin of the leg) are commonly treated with conservative interventions. Older children who continue toe walking and present with limitations in ankle dorsiflexion are sometimes treated with surgical procedures. This systematic review is needed to evaluate the evidence for any intervent..

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